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Improve your focus with 5 yoga poses

In an endless notifications world, it’s really hard to stay focused for longer periods of time. But unfortunately, our attention switching is costing us greatly because we lose precious time, which would be better used for other more productive activities.

What you can do to stay focused for longer is to advance your yoga mastery by staying in these positions for extended periods of time. For this, you would also need the proper workout leggings, the proper breath, and of course, the right mat.

Before doing any pose, it is better to start with the breath. For focus and concentration, the counting from one to two should be done so naturally. All that you need to do is just follow the breath. This can be done in any position, but preferably would be the lotus or mountain pose. 

For both, the required yoga apparel would be the leggings or yoga pants. The most comfortable one would be the high-waisted leggings, whichever brand for yoga leggings you prefer. Just make sure you wear something comfortable since it will support your upper-body. A yoga mat would be preferable but it is optional.

Mountain Pose 

Depending on your level, you should stay in the pose for 3 to 5 minutes or longer. You can also breathe mindfully or meditate. The counting also improves cognitive abilities.

Besides increasing awareness and improving your flexibility even further, it will definitely improve your posture

Tree Pose

In this pose, your body should be graceful, stable, and humble. A good pair of flexible women leggings would definitely make the difference in this pose. Opening your arms and raising them slightly bend above your head will help you to build and express self-confidence. 

Again, depending on your level, you should stay in this pose for at least two minutes. Let the thoughts come and go without judgment or labeling. 

Dancer Pose 

Definitely one of the most powerful and graceful poses, this one will improve your focus. It requires strength and balance to make sure you don’t overdo it. Also, make sure you’re wearing the proper yoga apparel.

Stay for at least a minute in this pose. Don’t judge yourself if you fall. It’s normal. 

Eagle Pose

It strengthens the whole body, your immune system, and the entire organism.
Hold it for much as you can without getting too uncomfortable. It will make you feel powerful and mindfully aware of your body. Let the thoughts flow by.

Camel Pose

It stretches your core and opens your heart and shoulders. You can breathe deeply in this pose to feel the full benefits of it. Don’t forget to do it with comfortable yoga apparel.
Hold the pose for at least a minute and repeat. Counting your breaths will certainly improve your concentration.

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